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10/21/2020, 5:44:57 PM

This is why politics isn't about "civility" or perceived "personal decency." Both provide cover for white supremacy, patriarchy and injustice, because it makes all of those things seem more polite. Dems-especially Feinstein- who gave her that cover have this to show for it.

10/21/2020, 4:26:02 PM

"Vote Dem down the ticket in 2020. It's how to gain leverage. But it's important that we replace weak Dem 'leaders' in the future -- ineffective officials like Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi and the other Dem enablers of the Trump Crime Cult." -- @gaslitnation

10/21/2020, 4:13:25 PM

It’s the techie equivalent of rolling-coal:

10/21/2020, 4:09:02 PM


10/21/2020, 4:07:05 PM

The 3 qualities of a great product | by Esther Nitafan | Oct, 2020 | UX Collective

10/21/2020, 4:00:41 PM

What coding font do you use? — Fira Code, JetBrains Mono, Hack, Source Code Pro, SF Mono, or…? Let us know here Here are the results we've gathered so far!

10/21/2020, 3:57:31 PM

My dog has been punished for peeing on the carpet 65 times, my wife zero

10/21/2020, 5:54:03 AM

@mcclure111 @OPWT10 @starcre8tor if you're not familiar with software development, that stands for Angry/Baffled, and it tests how much random cosmic uncontrollable aggravation your userbase can bear

10/21/2020, 4:57:05 AM

Ok, it’s settled: for every remote conference or talk you Zoom into, budget in the appropriate amount of mandatory tv, snacks, and day drinking on your would-be travel days. That’s the rule.

10/21/2020, 2:02:00 AM

❤️ Easter eggs in legal docs

10/21/2020, 12:34:44 AM

Thread from June 2018, the night the migrant family separation story broke. I was giving a talk and started to cry on stage, which I never do. It is vile that our officials failed to stop this. No indictments, not even impeachment for it. These are crimes against humanity.

10/21/2020, 4:48:24 PM

“Everyone poops, why am I the only one banned from the swimming pool?” I’m feeling bad for whoever handles @PennGSE’s social media…

10/21/2020, 8:58:51 AM

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font: A new typeface – greater legibility and readability for low vision readers, free from the Braille Institute

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10/20/2020, 11:47:36 PM

These 2 MASKED INTRUDERS were caught red-handed after breaking into a Redwood City bank. “It’s not every day an animal organization gets called to deal with a bank break in," @PeninsulaHumane wrote. The raccoons made a mess, but did not steal any money. 💰 🦝🦝 @kron4news

10/20/2020, 11:44:43 PM


10/20/2020, 9:56:06 PM

What we know about the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google so far

10/20/2020, 9:51:56 PM

A squircle is a mystical shape, not quite a rounded rectangle. It was made famous by Apple, who uses them across software _and_ hardware to make ever-so-slightly-nicer shapes. They're tricky to create, but this nifty (and whimsical!) tool makes it easy:

10/20/2020, 9:50:12 PM

What makes a good manager in your opinion?

10/20/2020, 5:42:53 PM

I don't care if you can find a model/framework for doing it, you shouldn't ask customers to rank-prioritize 20 features. If you don't already know what your next top 5 are and why, do more customer observations and/or dig into your business model!

10/20/2020, 4:07:01 PM

Inside the Fall of the CDC — ProPublica

10/20/2020, 3:31:06 PM

New: the huge mass hack in which authorities pushed malware onto Encrochat, an encrypted phone network, is facing legal challenges all over the UK. Judges are waiting for one case that will rule whether messages taken by the malware can be used as evidence

10/20/2020, 3:07:20 PM

@fatrat You can whitelist the site: but if you don’t see the content, you don’t know what you’re missing, that’s a discoverability issue. Sites I looked at (GH, SO, ProductHunt, etc) they use class/ID like js-comment-container, commentsContainer_5e4af, ember732, t1_g9f6l9e, etc.

10/20/2020, 3:01:51 PM

@fatrat Imagine you’re searching StackOverflow and get incomplete answers? Empty Github Issues? ghost town Reddit? When it comes to conversational UIs, the comments are the content.

10/20/2020, 1:08:06 AM

At mood #4

10/20/2020, 1:06:18 AM

10/20/2020, 12:30:58 AM

Lesson here: install an adblocker with the biggest set of rules, turn them all on, test your site. This is 10x more important than PageSpeed, CLS and lazy loading images. /fin

10/20/2020, 12:30:58 AM

Turns out the adblocker I’m using in Safari blocks #comments. Nukes it out. Easy fix, change it to something like #shawarama. Same thing with CSS classes. User profile shows but incomplete. Turns out adblocker hides .socialLinks. Fix by changing to .myWebVoyages 2/

10/20/2020, 12:30:58 AM

Pro tip: Ad blockers don’t just block domains like doubleclick. Some also block based on CSS classes and IDs. Working on a comments features. Looks good in Chrome but fails to render in Safari. Peering over source code, can’t find the bug. 1/

10/20/2020, 9:18:37 PM

Say hello to the newest citizen of the United States.

10/20/2020, 5:06:54 AM

ah yes the famous banana peel of poverty

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10/19/2020, 11:42:19 PM

I love that LinkedIn treats “Stealth Startup” as an actual company and that its employee growth is insane.

10/19/2020, 9:34:39 PM

Big news: DOJ today unsealed charges against Sandworm, naming the Russian GRU hackers who have for 5 years crossed every red line in cyberwar from blackouts to disrupting the Olympics to unleashing the NotPetya worm that cost $10 billion. < Updates to come

10/19/2020, 8:15:13 PM

Shocker. Trump's ballyhoo'd Foxconn jobs in Wisconsin were nothing but a fraudulent tax fiddle, where there was the illusion of building a factory and hiring workers, but it was all a front.

10/19/2020, 6:37:02 PM

Losing my mind at this

10/19/2020, 4:55:03 PM

You know what, person on facebook, I did need to hear this

10/19/2020, 4:07:03 PM

The Observer Effect interviews Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify

10/19/2020, 3:26:59 PM

CALIFORNIA: TODAY is the last day to register to vote and receive your mail-in ballot before election day. Don’t sit this one out. There’s too much at stake.

10/19/2020, 3:23:55 PM

You know about dramatic increases in cases, hospitalizations across US Surge began after labor day But one state has done well during this time Big state that would move national numbers And what they've done holds a lesson for all of us Yes -- let's talk California Thread

10/19/2020, 2:55:55 PM

👉🏻 “Apple makes accessibility top-tier importance, which makes the entire experience better for everyone.” 🔗 On native platforms.

10/19/2020, 5:09:00 AM

Boycotting sports and award shows is really pointless because the money has already exchanged hands months ahead of time. 🤷🏽‍♀️

10/19/2020, 5:08:53 AM

Only 1 in 20 books sells well enough to earn the author royalties beyond the original advance.

10/19/2020, 5:07:58 AM

We don't actually know the law, we're just really good at research.

10/19/2020, 5:07:49 AM

dunno if it's a secret per se but there's a whole boatload of medical providers whose client base is solely people who get in car accidents and then sue because their insurance is like "we're not paying $5k for one MRI, here's $2k"

10/19/2020, 5:07:38 AM

Not a secret but since nobody seems to know: THE WRITER DOESN’T WRITE THE HEADLINE.

10/19/2020, 5:07:31 AM

@assaf @LaurenKorduner Labor only makes up 2.3% of the cost of the product but during negotiations it is the most heavily cut variable cost.

10/19/2020, 1:01:24 AM

you’re halfway through your carton of eggs: what is your personality type

10/19/2020, 12:38:55 AM

This. Is. Journalism.

10/19/2020, 12:36:44 AM

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.

10/19/2020, 12:35:22 AM

If you’re constantly producing valuable results on time, they won’t supply you with additional resources

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10/18/2020, 1:16:27 AM

Weekend Reading — 🕧 Time travel glitch This week we hack an iSight, refactor our Stack Overflow, get a pep talk from the CEO, scale Machu Picchu, and visit the aquarium.

10/18/2020, 11:38:54 PM

Another fun fact - the vast majority of the stock in Nordstrom Rack was never at Nordstrom.

10/18/2020, 11:37:16 PM

*NEVER* say the event that you're planning is a wedding, as there will be at least a 200% markup. Reason - every wedding vendor also hires subcontractors to make sure that your wedding is "perfect", which means you're paying for 2 vendors

10/18/2020, 11:37:04 PM

Grocery store workers don’t go to check for items of you ask them to go check. They usually do anything BUT that. They’re not stupid, they know their inventory, trust them.

10/18/2020, 11:36:42 PM

Funeral Industry: PREPLAN YOUR SHIT. There are TONS of discounts available if you walk in the door. When you die the industry has no reason to offer discounts or assistance to you because your body has to be cremated or put in the ground.

10/18/2020, 11:36:39 PM

I don't work in airlines, but your flight is late if it is late leaving the GATE, not when it takes off. The reason you're sitting on the tarmac isn't because of weather or a long line of planes to the runway, it's so the airline keeps it "On Time" score

10/18/2020, 10:54:45 PM

From my previous career: embezzlement is remarkably common among non-profits. And almost always kept deliberately quiet.

10/18/2020, 10:30:55 PM

All the horrible shit you hear about Hollywood? It’s all true.

10/18/2020, 10:30:52 PM

Your fine knit sweaters are sewn together by people with small hands i.e. children

10/18/2020, 10:30:47 PM

Weather is just code for we don't want to be responsible for the delay, third party reservations get the worst reservations, and the older pastries are kept closer to the worker.

10/18/2020, 10:30:26 PM

It's slowly not becoming a secret, but we own so much of your data beyond what you can even imagine. There's a reason why this shit is in courts.

10/18/2020, 10:25:06 PM

Oh my god these kids are dressed up as the cast of Schitt's Creek

10/18/2020, 10:24:12 PM

@assaf Censorship of social media is almost impossible, because no human being actually knows how The Algorithm works. All they can do is play whack-a-mole.

10/18/2020, 10:24:10 PM

Bra development - both new styles and new sizes - can take up to 3 years (and sometimes even longer).

10/18/2020, 10:24:07 PM

Here's one from my old career in broadcasting: If you're listening to/watching a news broadcast and the anchor's delivery has become slower, more careful and deliberate, something has gone terribly wrong behind the scenes. 😂😂😂

10/18/2020, 10:01:31 PM

Products have a MUCH longer lead time than people realize. Most (non-fast fashion) clothing you see in stores now was put into development about a year go.

10/18/2020, 10:01:09 PM

Yup. At an old job I was periodically responsible for putting "outlet" jeans into production using a stock of lower-quality denim we owned (known as "liability fabric"). ⬇⬇⬇

10/18/2020, 10:00:53 PM

Most outlet stores do not sell excess stock. Most companies make lower quality versions of their products to sell in outlet stores.

10/18/2020, 9:55:12 PM

charmbracelet/glow: Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz! 💅🏻

10/18/2020, 9:53:04 PM

If in doubt …

10/18/2020, 9:29:30 PM

What’s an industry secret in the field you work in? : AskReddit

10/18/2020, 9:12:02 PM

fonoster/fonos: 🚀 An open-source alternative to Twilio. if you want to run your own VoIP service, or learn how it works behind the scenes

10/18/2020, 9:04:53 PM

ME: Hi, I'd like to buy some RAM with a non-embarrassing name? RAM that lets me retain some self-respect while I buy it. You got any RAM that doesn't sound stupid RAM MANUFACTURERS:

10/18/2020, 8:01:01 PM

I'm not disappointed that this was said. I'm disappointed that this needed to be said. 🙏🏾 @jdan

10/18/2020, 7:56:18 PM

Sorry but watching astronauts sped up on the moon will never get old

10/18/2020, 7:54:23 PM

We now have lots of data showing that $1200 stimulus checks with no strings attached helped keep the economy afloat last quarter and pulled people out of poverty. Whether UBI works is no longer theoretical. It’s more effective than means tested aid programs. We now have proof.

10/18/2020, 7:48:14 PM

"Why Research on Test-Driven Development is Inconclusive?"

10/18/2020, 3:54:23 PM

The word that comes to mind is “trust”

10/18/2020, 3:53:35 PM

Taiwan has all but returned to normal. Movies, baseball games, concerts attended by tens of thousands of people, that’s all happening. The national death toll? Seven. Here's how they did it:

10/18/2020, 3:41:09 PM

Sticking a camera to a tractor's track gives you some insight about the concept of reference frame [source and full gif:]

10/18/2020, 3:34:31 PM

“Mr. Biden is more acceptable to them than Mrs. Clinton was, in ways large and small, personal and political, sexist and not.” Which of these is not sexist? Literally every quote in this article points to sexism.

10/18/2020, 3:27:04 PM


10/18/2020, 6:18:47 AM


10/18/2020, 4:12:54 AM

I was wondering if this was one of those "applying precedent leads us to this unfortunately result..." cases but, no, the reality is that Barrett plowed through state law and a jury's factual findings to cheat the plaintiff out of her fair compensation. /1

10/18/2020, 12:31:54 AM

How to look cute in a mask

10/18/2020, 12:17:41 AM


10/18/2020, 12:13:09 AM

@CindyBiSV ⁃ Tweet “how can I help” at random people ⁃ Pimp your substack which just rehashes your Twitter threads ⁃ Solicit pitchs on Calendly, but only opening is Dec 25th 9pm ⁃ Sign “sent from Superhuman” on all emails and Tweets ⁃ Pick a fight with a16z about the “creator economy”

10/18/2020, 5:29:13 PM

What do you get the man who buys himself whatever he wants whenever he wants it, leaving me nothing to get him for his birthday? His fav homemade foods. Empanadas and shakshuka so far. Coming up: arayes, birria tacos, and maybe I have a surprise because he reads my twitter.

10/18/2020, 3:45:32 AM

I have... all the questions, @smartasset.

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10/17/2020, 11:56:49 PM

Is Silicon Valley blue or red? It's green — thx for having me @smerconish @CNNnewsroom

10/17/2020, 11:30:40 PM

★ Thoughts and Observations on Apple’s ‘Hi, Speed’ iPhone 12 Event pretty much all I need to know about the new iPhone lineup. I would definitely get the 12 Mini because it’s more pocketable … if I left the house more. So not this year.

10/17/2020, 10:11:08 PM

A reminder: you can't build a culture of experimentation if you respond to failed experiments with disappointment, regret or even indifference. A culture of experimentation celebrates every null result, every glorious first try.

10/17/2020, 10:10:04 PM

When people call my phone, I answer with "Why?" instead of "Hello."

10/17/2020, 5:10:34 PM

BREAKING—Chris Christie was not only hospitalized, but he was in the ICU for 7-days... and he got special VIP access to Eli Lily’s synthetic monoclonal antibody drug direct from the manufacturer (it’s not available to general public since it’s not FDA approved). That’s privilege.

10/17/2020, 4:53:57 PM

865K women exiting the workforce in one month is perhaps the long term-impactful economic story of the year, period. Why are only podcasts/outlets aimed at women/moms inviting me to talk about it?

10/17/2020, 4:12:38 PM

Fuck cache invalidation, the biggest problem in computer science is guessing whether the help flag is `-h`, `--help`, or `-help` this time.

10/17/2020, 3:07:58 AM

@jeremysliew Lol- hard to do references when you’ve been silenced with an NDA

10/17/2020, 3:06:26 AM

Here’s a strong case for not shotgun-marrying a board member with a 2-day process. Brutal, but 1/100th brutal as the founders and other board members enduring this guy for years

10/17/2020, 12:38:54 AM

1/ I am enraged. Excellent reporting from WSJ's @dseetharaman and @EmilyGlazer finds that Facebook engineers—with sign-off from Zuckerberg himself—retooled their algorithm to throttle traffic to high-value progressive news orgs, @MotherJones IN PARTICULAR

10/17/2020, 12:04:23 AM

Suddenly, I get it: Peer review is open source pull requests, for academics.

10/17/2020, 9:15:20 PM

Conservative women are like "I'm not homophobic, my husband is gay"

10/17/2020, 7:33:00 PM

Really. is the gosh darned best weather service out there. Stunning.

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10/16/2020, 9:12:04 PM

Zoomstock this is fun to use: a zoomable search engine for stock photos. You zoom in to find photos that are more similar, and zoom out if you need something different.

10/16/2020, 8:16:30 PM

Reasons why many online communities fail: - No compelling reason for people to come together - No easy way to contribute and get fast feedback - Members don't feel a sense of belonging - Members aren't invested - Poor member onboarding - Negativity

10/16/2020, 8:03:02 PM

The (extremely) loud minority “Always remember that although a subset of the JavaScript community can be very loud, they represent a paltry portion of the web as a whole. … a small subset of less than 1 percent of the web”

10/16/2020, 5:48:36 PM

For command-line die hards, this looks pretty cool

10/16/2020, 5:44:57 PM

Find your signature move

10/16/2020, 5:37:30 PM

Crafting Functions “I think one heuristic you can use is this: pick the most powerful option you can limited by your confidence. … As you understand more (say, time to introduce XML) you can evolve to the powerful side of the spectrum.”

10/16/2020, 5:18:31 PM

Time flies 👐 15 years of struggling with git command line arguments (I used my own server for a hot second, then gave up and moved everything over to Github)

10/16/2020, 4:47:13 PM

This is just enjoyable to watch 🥰

10/16/2020, 4:39:59 PM

Thank you for sharing

10/16/2020, 4:36:26 PM


10/16/2020, 4:34:10 PM

“That time I put a Raspberry Pi inside an Apple iSight because nobody stopped me”

10/16/2020, 4:23:21 PM

“Overall, chickens have probably flown further as an airline meal than they have as a species.”

10/16/2020, 4:07:02 PM Meet The Excel Fixers: “ Until we get better at Excel, we’ll need people to protect the world from its own dependence on poorly designed spreadsheets.”

10/16/2020, 2:36:59 PM

Oh @awscloud I really do 💕 you! But next time you fork my OS project and present it as your new service, give the maintainers a short "nice job, kids" or something. Not necessary as per the APLv2 license, but still, ya know?

10/16/2020, 2:31:50 PM

One day I’ll be wrong for the first time ever but today is not that day

10/16/2020, 1:35:02 PM

How to make terrible wordsearches:

10/16/2020, 1:16:56 PM

👉🏻 “:focus-visible Is Here” 🔗 @m_ott on a CSS feature that may bring peace to the "keep it keyboard accessible" and "but I don't want ugly big blue outlines" debate.

10/16/2020, 1:08:50 PM

We’ve been experimenting with this. We give away voting rights and many things that are control oriented. Why? Because it makes the founders relax and trust us with all the stuff they don’t tell other investors. And if hear it sooner, maybe there’s a chance to solve it faster.

10/16/2020, 1:02:19 PM

BlurHash: generate a blurred version of an image on the backend, encode it as a few characters of text, send it to the user while the image is loading, decode it in the browser. Voila! No need to send an actual low-res image while loading.

10/16/2020, 4:43:36 AM

@mriou Sometimes I surprise even myself and wake up before the alarm But only on days I don’t need to wake up early … because of course

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10/15/2020, 8:03:02 PM

FED – three letters that summarize the most demanding job description “Being a front-end developer puts us on the front lines between the thing we’re building and the people we’re building it for, and that’s a place some of us really enjoy being.” —

10/15/2020, 6:35:14 PM

sorry for the delayed response I was having one continuous existential crisis for the last 7 months. anyway yes I’m available for a zoom call on thursday, can you send a link?

10/15/2020, 5:49:57 PM

The 3rd, most important gender

10/15/2020, 5:18:27 PM

Point of this: UIs that follows simple, consistent principles, are easier for developers. Not necessarily users. /fin

10/15/2020, 5:18:27 PM

It’s easier to design for: • Explainable: “view the notification to see available actions” • Only need to consider state of the system (clear|view|manage a notification) • Handwave user context’s, which gets messy with ambiguity (manage … this email? clear … DND?) /6

10/15/2020, 5:18:26 PM

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this: “View” means view this email … ok makes sense … “View” also means you can delete the email, quick reply, etc … And “Manage“ is something else entirely /5

10/15/2020, 5:18:25 PM

This is what someone would call “a very consistent UI” because all notifications have the Clear + View buttons Yet confusing because it doesn’t consider that “Clear“ can have a different meaning depending on context /4

10/15/2020, 5:18:24 PM

What I hope it would do is clear the DND state. For that I have to click on “View”, because viewing the notification brings up this UI where I can turn off DND /3

10/15/2020, 5:18:23 PM

But when I wake up early enough to turn it off, I keep forgetting the “clear” button doesn’t do anything useful It hides the notification until the next time I look at the Lock Screen /2

10/15/2020, 5:18:22 PM

<rant> In general I like DND DND is short for “do not disturb me until after I’ve had my morning coffee thank you very much” /1

10/15/2020, 4:07:00 PM

Cumulative Layout Shift in Practice |

10/15/2020, 3:44:49 PM

Hot take - Data is not the new oil. Data is the new glitter: - Lures humans in with its shininess - Very easy to accumulate - Found in places you least likely expect to find it - Almost impossible to get rid of - Everyone insists on using it w/o thinking through the consequences

10/15/2020, 2:06:45 PM

As @msuster taught me, the “appeal to a higher power” is a very effective negotiating technique (and as such is often manufactured as a deflection):

10/15/2020, 1:59:26 PM

@IanColdwater I had to explain this on my last job search. I don't want a higher title for my self-esteem, I'm already a badass, I need it to convince strangers to take me seriously without spending hours demonstrating I'm a badass.

10/15/2020, 1:58:53 PM

Not to be too blunt about it, but the reason “but her emails” worked and “but his emails” won’t is because the operative word in the phrase was never “emails”

10/15/2020, 1:50:52 PM

News flash everything on social media is an editorial decision by the company. Every single thing, the UI, the posts you see, the posts you don’t, the metrics, the speed with which everything updates, the colors, it’s all human decisions all the way down. It’s all subjective

10/15/2020, 1:49:21 PM

Super cool CSS trick from @nealemvf. You can pull of motion blur on a transition!

10/15/2020, 3:14:29 AM

This is correct. Also why diversity in the employee demographic is critically important in software companies building consumer platforms.

10/15/2020, 12:41:00 AM

An “originalist” reading of the Constitution would disqualify Judge Barrett, or any woman, from serving on the Supreme Court or from owning property or voting. “Originalism” is a cover for deeply unpopular & un-democratic policies, not some kind of serious judicial philosophy.

10/15/2020, 12:37:21 AM

Really. is the gosh darned best weather service out there. Stunning.

10/15/2020, 12:27:23 AM

It's time to upgrade my Mac. The SE/30 on the left has served me very well over the years, but the small monochrome screen is starting to limit my productivity. And the new ones come with a DVD player, a new PowerPC G4 and a built-in Ethernet and modem!

10/15/2020, 12:26:19 AM

Looking for a product/technical co-founder for my NewCo. I think this is a special opportunity, and am trying to open up applications to anyone who is interested. Please share with your network! 🙏🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾🚀

10/15/2020, 1:18:50 PM

1/ Tuesday was my last day as CEO of @CircleUp. I’ve been CEO since starting the co. in 2011 with my co-founder @roryeakin. This is a thread about what happened, why and my emotions about it. For more detail: Much of this I have never talked about.

10/15/2020, 3:35:22 AM

California state ballot initiatives are worded like “Vote no if don’t not want thing to do not happen, or will” and if you fuck it up you legalize babies working for Instacart

Wed Oct 14 2020 open all

10/14/2020, 9:47:14 PM

Waitlist is finally over, still polishing the self serve but you can now visit for access. 🔥

10/14/2020, 9:12:01 PM

DOJ considers forcing Google to sell Chrome 🍿

10/14/2020, 8:03:00 PM

Why it’s so hard to read a book right now, explained by a neuroscientist - Vox

10/14/2020, 7:34:35 PM

Today is Wednesday. Your household has less than 48 hours to get counted in the #2020Census at before the Trump administration shuts it down after 11:59 p.m. Hawaii time on Oct. 15.

10/14/2020, 5:57:50 PM

TIL There’s a block of IP addresses allocated for use over radio. Also, Amazon just bought 4m of these (at $27 an IP). Drone-to-drone networking?

10/14/2020, 4:51:06 PM

Probably the most obvious scam in the history of right wing politics, and yet here we are. $40 million in three months to say orange man bad while propping up the rest of the GOP.

10/14/2020, 4:07:01 PM

A Quarter Century of Hype - 25 Years of the Gartner Hype Cycle on Vimeo

10/14/2020, 3:36:44 PM

4 years ago, WikiLeaks began releasing John Podesta’s hacked emails. That act—later concluded to be a Russian intel operation, done to distract from the Access Hollywood tape—spawned the Pizzagate conspiracy, which spawned QAnon. Congrats to everyone who helped push this along.

10/14/2020, 3:28:32 AM

Pep talk from the tech CEO bro. I feel bad for him 😔

10/14/2020, 1:17:06 AM

You can respond to the Census online at, over the phone by calling 844-330-2020, or through the paper questionnaire received in the mail.

10/14/2020, 12:48:14 AM

Years of Twitter/Slack practice: you can read a lot between the lines of my one-liners

10/14/2020, 12:46:45 AM

If you run a business, how about you give your employees time off to vote any day polls are open, not just Nov 3rd?

10/14/2020, 12:26:06 AM

SF rent prices take a dramatic drop from “unaffordable to most people” to ”still unaffordable to most people”

10/14/2020, 12:24:07 AM

@i_a_r_n_a Build time, but I count it in two places: DevEx — shorter is better, makes developers happier MTTR — shorter is better, makes users happier (MTTR measures how long to fix a bug)

10/14/2020, 8:46:48 PM

"You need to not suck at uncertainty to be in a startup." Add VC to that as well for super long feedback loop :)

10/14/2020, 7:08:23 PM

Things Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him navigate the Labyrinth: a thread

10/14/2020, 5:29:56 PM

Had a call yesterday with the guy who discovered and advised Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and just about every other famous comedian. He utterly blew my mind with how he guided them early on in their careers to find their “signature move.” Here’s everything he shared 👇

10/14/2020, 5:06:20 PM

So that's it: Balsa. A company devoted to supporting the engineers, designers, product managers, scientists, analysts, researchers, and every other builder doing the work that moves the world forward. We're incredibly fired up.

10/14/2020, 3:09:30 PM

With some help from the amazing team at @GSDM I made a custom font for @pizzahut based on their old logo from the 60s. dream project.

Tue Oct 13 2020 open all

10/13/2020, 11:52:04 PM

The Words You Wear:

10/13/2020, 8:25:41 PM

me: I am excited to vote for president Californians: I am excited to allocate 62 different revenue streams over the course of the next 28 fiscal years while also rendering a verdict on 80 separate administrative regulations pending court rulings on six of the—

10/13/2020, 3:51:30 PM

new post: a friend needed a simple script, but isn't familiar with the command line. So here's my observations on using a Google Sheets script for the job.

10/13/2020, 3:41:47 PM I guess people miss flying so much, they'll pay to eat dinner in a parked plane 🤷‍♂

10/13/2020, 2:44:24 PM


10/13/2020, 2:42:49 PM

Most plausible explanation I've seen yet:

10/13/2020, 4:53:37 AM

Anyway, I just now helped a stranger fix a bug in their codebase, and it feels so great and I’m going to bottle up that feeling and curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea Goats will have to wait

10/13/2020, 4:53:37 AM

If I ever quit tech and go raise goats on a farm, it will be because of bugs Bugs are the worst They harsh break my flow, to go fix something that wouldn’t be an problem, if computers would just do what you intend them to do, instead of taking your code so damn literally

10/13/2020, 3:32:35 AM

Kudos to those Americans queuing for hours to vote. I know I like to throw shade at your country but I have huge admiration for those trying to do something about it. Be safe.

10/13/2020, 6:50:38 PM

@zoehong @assaf Out of every single thing I could miss about travel, the flight would not even make into the list.

Mon Oct 12 2020 open all

10/12/2020, 11:42:32 PM

Please spare me the ‘long lines at voting places are inspiring’ hot takes. They’re a sign of a failing democracy where elected officials are afraid of their voters and make voting as difficult as possible for ‘the others.’ Rich neighborhoods don’t do lines...

10/12/2020, 11:42:10 PM

Election Screen Time

10/12/2020, 11:25:47 PM

Blue states were hit with COVID. Red state governors invited it.

10/12/2020, 11:19:20 PM

"VC Fund Returns Are More Skewed Than You Think" by @sether

10/12/2020, 8:03:01 PM > Becky Wright, executive director of Unions 21, a thinktank for trade unions, tells me that when it comes to young people, “most like the idea of unions but don’t see the need to join”. Yeah. That's kind of exactly not how unions work.

10/12/2020, 7:59:41 PM

Uber, Lyft and Door Dash are paying to have fake "progressive voter guides" sent to California voters that claim Prop 22 is supported by fictional groups like "Feel the Bern." The entire Yes on 22 campaign is premised on lying to and misleading voters.

10/12/2020, 6:50:35 PM

When you can’t locate the owner of the car but the neighbor just happens to have a forklift

10/12/2020, 4:47:54 PM

It's the little touches …

10/12/2020, 4:19:07 PM macOS system monitor in your menu bar

10/12/2020, 4:07:00 PM

RTFM! "You know the people who write instruction manuals or user guides in things you buy? Half the time, they've never even seen or touched the product. Some dude just sends us pictures, a rough description of how it's supposed to work, and that's it." —

10/12/2020, 3:33:12 PM

Shit for Brains that time a neurophysiologist got in the ring with a raging bull to demonstrate a brain implant … that's trusting your product

10/12/2020, 2:03:02 PM

Pete is getting Biden votes from Fox viewers, full stop.

10/12/2020, 1:33:34 PM

Most junior job requirements could be three lines Evidence of: - solving a hard and relevant problem independently - being enthusiastic

10/12/2020, 4:22:36 AM

Your moment of cute

10/12/2020, 4:06:34 AM

Took ages to locate the word “sauce” in my mind today

Sun Oct 11 2020 open all

10/11/2020, 9:17:37 PM

It's not that senior developers don't copy stuff from stack overflow It's just that we refactor it so that no one will ever know

10/11/2020, 9:12:02 PM

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet (and why it messes with your medication)

10/11/2020, 8:03:02 PM

9 Must Watch Movies for Programmers in 2020 🎬 - DEV

10/11/2020, 4:07:01 PM

Wireflow - free, online and open source tool for creating beautiful user flow prototypes

10/11/2020, 3:28:15 PM

Folks said nah to defunding the police, but don’t blink when we Defund EDUCATION.

10/11/2020, 12:47:27 AM

The power of TikTok 💯

10/11/2020, 1:40:04 AM

Nurses are amazing. I mentioned that I was enjoying jello (reminds me of childhood) and she went to secure me a personal stash and put my name on them in the fridge. Any little thing to keep spirits and energy positive.

Sat Oct 10 2020 open all

10/10/2020, 8:53:54 PM

Weekend Reading — 🗳 Today is the perfect day for voting This week we vote, learn Excel from TikTok, legally debate an API, count all our single sign-ons, and drink some Ocean Spray.

10/10/2020, 10:52:02 PM

An investigation of the cult leader behind Acellus, an online learning platform used by thousands of US students, who's been accused of violence and abuse (OneZero )

10/10/2020, 10:11:22 PM

Jeff Goldblum as fish. A thread.

10/10/2020, 9:48:01 PM

Full bleed layout using simple CSS | Kilian Valkhof

10/10/2020, 9:44:21 PM

Q Timex is back! (if you need a watch that’s absolutely not smart but retains memory of a different century)

10/10/2020, 8:03:02 PM

Startup Hiring 101: A Founder's Guide

10/10/2020, 2:58:03 PM

I don't think I've ever seen a website introduce so many micronuanced rules and entire features just to avoid banning one person.

10/10/2020, 2:57:03 PM

Oh no the debate is cancelled due to the catastrophic mishandling of a pandemic how will we know which candidate to vote for?

10/10/2020, 3:04:47 AM

After much discussion in our newsroom, we've decided that moving forward, we will be using the term "domestic terrorism" or "domestic terrorist," rather than militia. We feel these words better define the subjects of the investigation.

10/10/2020, 10:39:02 AM


Fri Oct 09 2020 open all

10/9/2020, 9:55:13 PM

Very clever CSS trickery here from Carter Li. If you declare a CSS Custom Property as an <integer>, then it can be interpolated as an integer. Meaning it can be animated!

10/9/2020, 8:12:19 PM

We polled our employees and they agreed our interview processes are fair and everyone we’ve hired is here on merit.

10/9/2020, 8:03:43 PM

NEW: Twitter is making big changes to prevent election misinformation from going viral. First, it is slowing down & discouraging retweets. When you try to share a tweet, you'll be asked to add your own views first in a quote tweet.

10/9/2020, 6:08:10 PM

A frequent commenter on AskReddit threads is suspected of being a GPT-3 bot, which doesn't "just imitate human writing, they contain original insights and ideas, even one very good joke."

10/9/2020, 4:46:26 PM

this is infosec. (except it also starts the fire sometimes).

10/9/2020, 4:45:28 PM

“Flexible working hours will also be available without manager approval, and employees can also request part-time work hours through their managers.” Flexible hours for everyone WITHOUT MANAGER APPROVAL. Holy shit that is a bomb drop for a corporate workforce the size of MS

10/9/2020, 4:07:02 PM

… at least one of them … sometimes you start a new search while still working on the current search … that’s called recursion

10/9/2020, 3:52:38 PM

As a member of the Board that Facebook just blocked, I don’t know whether to feel more outraged or honored. I’ve never been forced offline before. Being in virtual exile with @carolecadwalla & @shoshanazuboff feels better than being Zucked!

10/9/2020, 3:39:29 PM

A few days later it’s incredible that most of the women I know were floored by how masterful her performance was and most men thought she only did okay

10/9/2020, 1:16:04 PM

I want to approach life with the same passion as this French guy approaches butter.

10/9/2020, 3:10:52 AM

Partner: I have three different accounts for single-sign on. Me: <stares> Partner: They're all single sign-on for something.

Thu Oct 08 2020 open all

10/8/2020, 10:27:12 PM

Dropped off my ballot today! Woohoo!

Wed Oct 07 2020 open all

10/7/2020, 11:40:46 PM

I don’t know what I did to deserve world class Jazz outside my door during a fucking pandemic but I certainly appreciate every fucking second of it. Big surprise at :25

Tue Oct 06 2020 open all

10/6/2020, 7:21:28 PM

👉 Need help understanding DevOps? Let @DavidHasselhoff @FlavorFlav @Carole_Baskin help simplify @AWScloud @Kubernetesio @Docker for you. #CelebritiesExplainDevOps Backstory:

10/6/2020, 4:15:43 PM

When people ask me if my other senses have intensified since losing my hearing

Mon Oct 05 2020 open all

10/5/2020, 8:18:22 PM

A thread of medieval paintings of animals that look nothing like real animals because the artist had never seen them. Starting with - The Oyster

Sun Oct 04 2020 open all

10/4/2020, 11:04:00 PM

The house is a violent purple, an unusually arresting shade somewhere between maroon and magenta, although that's probably the least weird thing about it. Inside, there are virtually no objects not adorned with flowers, feathers, or glitter; I use the word "objects" because most of them are not standard household fixtures that you or I might have, but things like "giant blow-up dinosaur" and "popcorn machine" and "mannequin wearing a tutu."

Sat Oct 03 2020 open all

10/3/2020, 1:24:52 PM

I just saw someone refer to mansplaining as 'correctile dysfunction' so please excuse me while I laugh hysterically for 6 hours

10/3/2020, 12:37:00 AM

The city is home to a land rush of "collab houses," where the content creators are getting younger and younger. Hype House, a content creator collective, has 19 members, many of whom are pictured here. Back row, from left: Calvin Goldby, Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg, Ryland Storms, Wyatt Xavier, Dixie D'Amelio, Patrick Huston, Daisy Keech and Charli D'Amelio.

10/3/2020, 11:24:00 PM

Over the last few years. you may well have been deluged with articles and think pieces about the rise of communal living. Some pegged it as a generational phenomenon - namely, of millennials trying something new - while others found evidence of a broader generational appeal.

Wed Sep 30 2020 open all

9/30/2020, 8:22:49 PM

And yes, we keep track of Korean, Jewish, and American holidays and we pick and choose what to celebrate each year. We almost always do Chuseok, all 3 New Years, July 4th. Sometimes Halloween. Sometimes Xmas. The Jewish husband is welcome to make us latkes anytime.

9/30/2020, 3:40:05 PM

❗️Did you know that *study after study* finds most people don't seem to transmit COVID at all? That a small percent is responsible for almost all infections? That R is not that informative? My new piece on why this may be key to controlling the pandemic.

Tue Sep 29 2020 open all

9/29/2020, 10:28:54 PM

The ability to pick who you work with and say no to jobs is true wealth.

Sat Sep 26 2020 open all

9/26/2020, 12:34:00 AM

This year Java hit an incredible milestone and reached the grand old age of 25 years. We celebrated its jubilee by running a special online Java day event , where lots of expert speakers shared their experience and gave tips and tricks on how to get more from the language.

Fri Sep 25 2020 open all

9/25/2020, 12:47:00 AM

PLUS: What you need to know about Gen Z. September 23, 2020 TOGETHER WITH The Big Idea The CIA has a plan to poach Big Tech employees The CIA has toppled governments and negotiated hostage crises. But when it comes to attracting tech-minded college grads, it just can't beat Silicon Valley.

Thu Sep 24 2020 open all

9/24/2020, 9:41:25 AM

In Switzerland, you can hire an evil clown to stalk someone for 7 days. The clown will follow them around, set up traps, send chilling text messages & even smash a pie in their face if he catches them.

Wed Sep 23 2020 open all

9/23/2020, 5:12:15 PM

The Verge has obtained a summer’s worth of leaked audio recordings of Mark Zuckerberg in internal meetings:

9/23/2020, 11:20:24 AM

it's weird how you can see these things your whole life and have no idea what they're there for, spreading the word

Tue Sep 22 2020 open all

9/22/2020, 5:21:03 PM

Chuffed to announce that I've been promoted to Head of Engineering at @kinandcarta_cr! 💃

9/22/2020, 3:44:46 PM

Long pandemic hair is long. Literally can't remember the last time I cut my hair. This was taken in January.

Sun Sep 20 2020 open all

9/20/2020, 11:33:29 PM

@tresdessert sure

9/20/2020, 7:39:55 PM

@MacRumors Spent about an hour on mine 😅

Fri Sep 18 2020 open all

9/18/2020, 11:38:36 PM

thank you RBG for being such an inspiration to women everywhere and showing us all what it means to be truly good. I am crushed. thank you so much for your service

9/18/2020, 11:59:02 AM

A bevy of new features makes iOS 14 the most secure mobile OS ever by @dangoodin001

Thu Sep 17 2020 open all

9/17/2020, 3:55:59 PM

Android users, Windows Phone users, PalmOS users, OpenMoko users, BlackBerry users...

9/17/2020, 11:43:29 AM

NEW COVER: Facebook needs Trump even more than Trump needs Facebook. Employees fear Mark Zuckerberg’s commitment to free speech is more about protecting Trump than the company’s ideals

Wed Sep 16 2020 open all

9/16/2020, 12:59:16 AM

This is objectively funny. #caturday #fluffybuttfriday

Tue Sep 15 2020 open all

9/15/2020, 10:44:42 PM

Developer priorities throughout their career

9/15/2020, 9:24:41 PM

this is so true

9/15/2020, 5:13:30 PM

90% of programming is asking the right question so the answer shows up on page 1 of Google’s search results

Mon Sep 14 2020 open all

9/14/2020, 11:51:55 PM

Update: 6 new startup investments.

9/14/2020, 4:40:34 PM

You know it’s autumn in Berlin when the utility poles start to shed thei concert posters

9/14/2020, 3:42:00 PM

It's not unusual to find a K-pop single at the top of Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, but a K-pop single by a virtual group that exists mainly as stylized versions of online video game characters is a bit less common at No. 1.

Fri Sep 11 2020 open all

9/11/2020, 1:37:16 AM

I love this little gif from Julia Echevarria: stacks and containers and boxes and grids and geometries of organization!

Thu Sep 10 2020 open all

9/10/2020, 1:16:34 PM

Idk who needs to hear this but you can be super creative in an artsy and cute way and still be a damn good programmer.

Wed Sep 09 2020 open all

9/9/2020, 8:56:13 PM

Was he going to run out and catch them?

9/9/2020, 8:48:02 PM

Industrial shawarma production.

9/9/2020, 12:19:00 AM

So, running a local HTTPS server usually sucks. There's a range of approaches, each with their own tradeoff. The common one, using self-signed certificates, means having to ignore scary browser warnings for each project. devcert makes the process easy. Want a private key and certificate file to use with your server?

Tue Sep 08 2020 open all

9/8/2020, 4:59:33 PM

We’re all safe. Received the evacuation order this morning. Made it to portland.

9/8/2020, 2:06:02 PM

Super simple (and free) group video calls for the web 💭 #javascript #node #p2p

Mon Sep 07 2020 open all

9/7/2020, 12:03:23 AM

Husband forbade me from leaving the house today. He is, apparently, not in the mood to bail me out of jail for going into a heatrage fueled *something*.

Sun Sep 06 2020 open all

9/6/2020, 10:43:26 PM

The Escheresque Veluwemeer Aqueduct, Harderwijk, Eastern Netherlands [Google Earth, Aya Okawa]

9/6/2020, 4:24:43 PM

My response to @facebook recruiter.

9/6/2020, 3:37:53 PM

This is the only fall fashion news I’m interested in

Sat Sep 05 2020 open all

9/5/2020, 10:32:21 PM

A good episode this week

9/5/2020, 8:45:49 PM

@assaf This is a fantastic read, man. Instantly one of my top 10 newsletters. You did good.

Tue Sep 01 2020 open all

9/1/2020, 12:41:00 AM

For good reasons, accordions are a popular UI element today: on mobile, they are an essential tool because they collapse content and make page length manageable, but even on desktop, they mitigate visual complexity and allow users to focus on the content most relevant for the task at hand (and are particularly appropriate in complex applications).

Sun Aug 30 2020 open all

8/30/2020, 6:28:21 PM

@gregisenberg @assaf This call for simplicity is everything. The greatest talent of any leader is reductivism.

8/30/2020, 4:25:21 PM

Manuscript draft complete! Now to polish things up and get this mother published.

8/30/2020, 2:24:02 AM

@zoehong @assaf And I’m not responsible for my overcaffeinated ramblings! Oh wait, yes I am! “, she yelled off the balcony to her entire neighborhood. (Espresso shot level 5, 7:20p)

8/30/2020, 8:47:00 PM

Why is Amazon supporting a bill that would make it liable for 3rd-party sellers on its platform?Amazon's marketplace for 3rd-party sellers is huge, accounting for half of its $280B revenue in 2019. It's also a bit of a Wild West, with counterfeit and fraudulent products galore.

Sat Aug 29 2020 open all

8/29/2020, 4:27:31 PM

Golf is so weird. Huge swathes of landscape culled and privatised because men are too scared to just ask their friend if they want to go for a walk

Fri Aug 28 2020 open all

8/28/2020, 5:10:55 PM

Facebook employees are furious and unloaded on Mark Zuckerberg during an all-hands meeting yesterday over his handling of QAnon and a Kenosha militia page that remained online after a shooting that killed two people. Here's my dispatch from inside:

Thu Aug 27 2020 open all

8/27/2020, 1:55:04 PM

Q: So what would you say is a critical skill to master, as an engineering manager at a major tech company? A: The ability to generate large quantities of high quality English text with minimal effort: surely in the top 3.

8/27/2020, 12:28:00 AM

Convert typed text to realistic handwriting! npm install --save handwritten.js npx handwritten.js Note: Use this method only if you plan to use handwritten.js for one time, installing handwritten.js globally (see-below) is recommended for multiple time usages. npm install handwritten.js -g Note: DO NOT use sudo to install global packages!

Wed Aug 26 2020 open all

8/26/2020, 12:58:43 PM

LinkedIn is being unbundled. COVID is accelerating it like crazy The next version(s) of LinkedIn is: - Vertical-specific - Allows members to proudly share work - Incorporates status - Has weekly utility for dayjob - Enables members to make incremental $ It's finally happening

Sat Aug 22 2020 open all

8/22/2020, 7:41:59 PM

If you're feeling jaded and a bit depressed at the state of the world right now, just remember in the 1970s humanity genuinely believed they could spread peace and goodwill throughout the universe by sending aliens unsolicited naked pictures and a mix tape.

8/22/2020, 7:40:52 PM

Same amount of spinach

8/22/2020, 2:23:39 PM

I’ve always wondered why there haven’t been more people with psychology degrees in VC...

Fri Aug 21 2020 open all

8/21/2020, 10:03:00 AM

`inputmode` on HTML elements. 🙈👇 #devsheets 🔗 MDN:

Thu Aug 20 2020 open all

8/20/2020, 10:44:03 PM

A typo created a 212-story monolith in ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

8/20/2020, 6:54:04 PM

Woke up to this txt from my wife: “Chewie [our cat] ripped the face off a mouse and left it on our front porch. I don’t have time to remove it😬”

Wed Aug 19 2020 open all

8/19/2020, 9:37:29 PM

This video of pandas just being pandas while a zookeeper desperately tries to rake leaves is the best video on the internet

8/19/2020, 4:53:43 AM

@theSamParr “How do you sleep at night duping poor people with a get rich quick scheme?”

8/19/2020, 4:51:17 AM

When husband broke his shoulder last year, he bought this big cooling gel pack to ice himself and now he's strapped it to the inside of my shirt like a little backpack and it's the only thing quelling my heat rage.

8/19/2020, 12:08:36 AM

I was told I got a promotion today. A Mexican-American kid from the border whose parents only wanted us to have opportunities they didn’t have. Principal Software Engineer Luis Garcia

Tue Aug 18 2020 open all

8/18/2020, 9:28:34 PM

Monroe High School teachers in Georgia started the 1st day of virtual school in the most 🔥 way ever

8/18/2020, 1:51:46 AM

Today, an incoming freshman, who deferred this semester, applied to be a PM at Catch. His resume said “BS in Computer Science at [top school], on leave” This seems deceptive to me, no? Kid hasn’t done one day of class at [school]. Wish I had the confidence of an 18 year old.

8/18/2020, 12:47:22 AM

@SunderCR @assaf ☝🏽 @octothorpe

8/18/2020, 12:02:07 AM

Which double-faced, two-timing tech companies are "anti-racist" and also helping Trump get re-elected? A thread. Let's start with @Shopify, Trump's one-stop MAGA shop.

Mon Aug 17 2020 open all

8/17/2020, 9:51:59 PM

Sold out!

8/17/2020, 8:28:44 AM

Bikepacking hack of the year? 🏆

Sun Aug 16 2020 open all

8/16/2020, 8:35:42 PM

I built a Github action that uses TensorFlow.js to check the toxicity level of comments and PR reviews, to help create safer spaces 🙂 When content is classified as toxic, the bot notifies the author to give them a chance to edit! #MadeWithTFJS

8/16/2020, 1:34:18 AM

this is the best website on the internet

Sat Aug 15 2020 open all

8/15/2020, 6:47:00 PM

omg-curry: A Feature Complete JavaScript Currying Library -

8/15/2020, 1:57:59 AM

@assaf Try lemon juice / dark mode

Fri Aug 14 2020 open all

8/14/2020, 1:51:31 PM

Many people have been using quarantine as a time to perfect their bread or coffee making skills, but I personally have taken this as an opportunity to make increasingly unsettling eggs

8/14/2020, 1:15:35 PM

From @fosterbabycats: “Mac has so much love to give! If you sit on his favorite couch you WILL be loved...aggressively 😹” #catsofinstagram

8/14/2020, 12:55:24 AM

And now Google is being sued too! God. What a great day for those of us who love drama!

Thu Aug 13 2020 open all

8/13/2020, 1:20:17 PM

From @willowsparty: “Bath time 🛁” #catsofinstagram

Tue Aug 11 2020 open all

8/11/2020, 11:02:00 PM

Significant changes at Mozilla Corporation 📢 via @mozilla 🏷 #culture #oss

Mon Aug 10 2020 open all

8/10/2020, 3:06:21 PM

In my too-frequent skimming of German sports cars for sale near me, I came across a BMW 135i with a black exterior and interior. It’s a tempting car, but I’m afraid it says “I listen to two kinds of music: Kraftwerk on cassette and Kraftwerk on vinyl”.👴

8/10/2020, 3:58:12 AM

@JamesClear @assaf With a truly great fun-internet-and-tech newsletter

Sat Aug 08 2020 open all

8/8/2020, 10:37:15 PM

@assaf Thanks for the 15 years and for becoming part of my weekend routine.

8/8/2020, 12:52:00 AM

JSON Schemas are available for the following {0} files: In supported JSON editors like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, schema files can offer auto-completion and validation to make sure your JSON document is correct. See a list of editors, validators and other software supporting JSON schemas.

Fri Aug 07 2020 open all

8/7/2020, 11:23:22 PM

Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.

8/7/2020, 10:38:37 AM

Us whenever a social media platform is down

Thu Aug 06 2020 open all

8/6/2020, 11:44:22 PM

I'm completely content to work in silence until the moment husband needs to be on a Zoom call.

8/6/2020, 12:20:40 PM

CapitalX Is Live  via AngelList Rolling Fund!

Mon Aug 03 2020 open all

8/3/2020, 4:26:58 PM

Sun Aug 02 2020 open all

8/2/2020, 12:00:00 PM

It’s impossible to be grouchy when your pancakes are this cute! 😍

Sat Aug 01 2020 open all

8/1/2020, 6:02:49 PM

I told my angel investing mamas that I was going to share three deals with them but one wasn’t ready for distro yet... and oh the follow up! Mamas are wanting to invest in women and minority entrepreneurs. Oh it’s real. Loving their energy. When moms get mad, they get to work.

Thu Jul 30 2020 open all

7/30/2020, 12:32:00 PM

The perfect throwback photo does not exis-

Wed Jul 29 2020 open all

7/29/2020, 8:06:44 PM

The world gets a glimpse into tech CEOs' homes. What do we see? 🧵

Sun Jul 26 2020 open all

7/26/2020, 3:02:05 AM

It’s important to know how to Reader the room…

Sat Jul 25 2020 open all

7/25/2020, 7:36:40 PM

My understanding was that once we cancelled someone they wouldn't get to tweet anymore and i'd just like to speak quickly with the manager

Fri Jul 24 2020 open all

7/24/2020, 4:47:31 PM

A Catholic priest, an Anglican Minister and a Rabbit walk into a Blood Bank. The Rabbit says, “I think I’m a Type O”

7/24/2020, 5:51:17 AM

Can we all just agree to let women run the world for a few years so we can fix this shitshow for good?!

Thu Jul 23 2020 open all

7/23/2020, 7:46:11 PM

Although we live in the age of remote collaboration, effective written communication is still a unicorn. 🦄 We're skilled at chatting, emails and texting. But writing in-depth, well-structured documents like memos? Not so much. 🧐

7/23/2020, 3:02:29 PM

Asked my kid to give me a thumbs up if he was enjoying his breakfast. He gave me a thumbs up and said "thumbs up... and subscribe" He is now banned from YouTube for life.

Wed Jul 22 2020 open all

7/22/2020, 6:44:57 AM

Something to think about

7/22/2020, 1:36:06 AM

@jstrauss @assaf Great metaphor from the Geithner book about the crisis: you don't argue about fire safety while the fire is still burning. If you don't put the fire out all your fire safety talk is meaningless. Fire safety: austerity, fire: economic depression.

Tue Jul 21 2020 open all

7/21/2020, 6:34:22 AM

"the government has no business making me wear a mask" i say before i buckle my seatbelt, drive the speed limit to a restaurant built to code, eat food made in a state inspected kitchen, receive the heimlich maneuver from a waiter who learned it from a mandatory workplace poster,

Sun Jul 19 2020 open all

7/19/2020, 11:13:13 PM

@assaf A friend and I used to do this with LinkedIn’s automated messaging response suggestions. Hilarious.

7/19/2020, 9:37:54 PM

Everyone updating their deck rn:

7/19/2020, 7:33:24 PM

"Well son, it was July of 2020 that we really just gave up."

7/19/2020, 7:20:42 PM

And yet somehow I am still receiving your emails...

7/19/2020, 3:54:50 PM

It took me over a month to do it but I FINALLY managed to cancel my @nytimes subscription. No ethical company should make it that difficult to do something that ought to require no human interaction.

Fri Jul 17 2020 open all

7/17/2020, 9:28:36 PM

@zoehong @assaf What an understatement. 😔

Mon Jul 13 2020 open all

7/13/2020, 2:39:09 PM

How To Make A Dribbble Shot (GSAP ScrollTrigger) 🏀 @CodePen:

7/13/2020, 2:01:38 AM

Watching “Never Have I Ever” Devi’s therapist: No, I will not buy you a thong. Devi: Whatever, I’ll just cut some cheeks out of some regular underwear. Me to husband: And that’s how designers think of product development.

7/13/2020, 5:25:00 PM

Turn your team on to productivity with Toggl the time tracker. Sign up The simplest time tracker to help you get things done. Onboarding a large team? Toggl offers a free demo to teams of 15 and larger. Learn about our advanced features and how to quickly and easily get your team started with Toggl.

Sun Jul 12 2020 open all

7/12/2020, 10:26:48 PM

It’s official! Jamie and I are moving to Colorado! We’re out here this week closing on a house and will be back as full time residents at the end of August. Sad to be saying goodbye to NYC and our friends there but super excited about our new home 🏔

7/12/2020, 2:43:03 AM

@PaulChato @assaf @GamersNexus @SnazzyQ @Jon4Lakers @raganwald @ShortFormErnie "One line change" = It will break in production!

7/12/2020, 12:50:03 AM

@assaf San Jose, Fremont, and several other school districts ware as well

Fri Jul 10 2020 open all

7/10/2020, 9:28:22 PM

˚ ✦    ˚   ✦.       .                  * .     .  🌎˚. . ˚ ˚   . ✦   .                            .     ✦ .     ✦   .   .          ˚ ✦

7/10/2020, 5:58:11 PM


7/10/2020, 4:11:21 PM

🤔 Ok in terms of newsletters (for front-end developers), I'm regularly reading: - @SidebarIO - JS Weekly newsletter - @assaf weekend reading - @ossia updates - @jonasschmedtman Coding Heroes - and @WebPlatformNews It's a lot already, but am I missing anything else? 😅

7/10/2020, 3:49:57 AM

Made myself a self-updating GitHub personal README! It uses a GitHub Action to update itself with my latest GitHub releases, blog entries and TILs

Thu Jul 09 2020 open all

7/9/2020, 10:04:43 PM

Y’all be like “Alexa is it true that the Tik Tok app is farming data?”

7/9/2020, 5:55:20 PM

I like how they wrote Mars on the side in case someone forgets where to aim the rocket.

7/9/2020, 3:02:32 PM

This chart in the New York Times is an example of how charts don't matter if the reasoning behind them is faulty. @Robinhoodapp customers on average are poorer than @CharlesSchwab's. A chart of revenue divided by average account balance is meaningless.

Mon Jul 06 2020 open all

7/6/2020, 6:07:48 PM

Just scrolling through the Twitter feed of the president who "wants no part in cancel culture"...

7/6/2020, 3:41:22 PM

When you want to tour Europe, but Europe won’t let you in

Sun Jul 05 2020 open all

7/5/2020, 5:06:44 PM

rt if you have also fallen asleep this way

7/5/2020, 2:07:19 AM

I’m most pissed at Balaji for making me agree with DHH.

Sat Jul 04 2020 open all

7/4/2020, 11:55:53 PM

@roseveleth So many unexpected turns in one sentence...

7/4/2020, 1:23:16 PM

The Snuggie sold over 30 million units and generated $500 million in revenues. It’s cousin, The Slanket, reached almost $10M per year too. In case you were wondering, a blanket with sleeves has outperformed most venture-backed D2C brands.

7/4/2020, 3:05:51 AM

Does anyone ever buy this book or does it just spontaneously appear in an office as soon as the first designer is hired?

Fri Jul 03 2020 open all

7/3/2020, 3:22:31 PM

I am SHOOK that there are still publishing folk that don't know about this game-changing hack. If you have to read a PDF on your Kindle and you'd prefer it not to be a teeny tiny fonted frustrating mess, use CONVERT as your subject when you email it to your kindle.

7/3/2020, 3:06:57 PM

Every entrepreneur knows this experience. Much harder to find ppl to support you than to congratulate you. Everyone wants to show up at the finish line. Grateful for my early supporters, you know who you are.

7/3/2020, 2:10:40 PM

NYU and MIT have taken down the 80 million image Tiny Images dataset (>1700 citations) due to hugely important work by @Abebab and @vinayprabhu summarized here: (original paper:

Thu Jul 02 2020 open all

7/2/2020, 11:50:36 PM

GUYS WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💚 Nextdoor to update their moderation policy to prevent #BlackLivesMatter convos from being censored, recruit more Black moderators, AND offer bias training to mods 🙏 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SIGNED OUR PETITION OMG 😭😭😭

7/2/2020, 11:43:44 PM

@aprilolanoff I thought I was missing something and then remembered if I wanted to hear people talk over each other, I could just call my family more.

7/2/2020, 8:10:43 PM

Also, sign up for @assaf 's newsletter 📨

7/2/2020, 5:23:38 PM

Me: What's French dressing? Husband: I don't know, Italian dressing with some butter in it?

7/2/2020, 3:37:53 PM

if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated

7/2/2020, 9:50:31 AM

“The absence of critical engagement with canonical datasets disproportionately negatively impacts women, racial and ethnic minorities, and vulnerable individuals and communities at the margins of society” Important work from @Abebab and @vinayprabhu 👉

7/2/2020, 5:11:01 AM

@tesseralis @assaf I think the same method works well to solve the semicolon debate: use them, but put them in a separate .semi-file!

7/2/2020, 4:19:40 AM

JUST IN: More than 40 South Bay school principals are in quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 during an in-person meeting to plan the reopening of schools.

Wed Jul 01 2020 open all

7/1/2020, 7:40:22 PM

Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of @passportjs, Backstage (our homegrown developer portal) now authenticates with @GoogleCloud and @GitHub — and is ready for 500+ other services, too.

7/1/2020, 6:41:44 PM

My thoughts on exit interviews: "I told you all this stuff over and over before I quit and you did shit about it."

7/1/2020, 10:18:31 AM

I saw an LGBTQ+ bingo card going round that made me feel approximately 900 years old, so my terrible friends and I put together a bingo card for old jaded queers Happy #Pride! (cc @latriviata @singlecrow @krfabian @such_heights @always_theocean @twistedsoup)

7/1/2020, 8:07:14 AM

I have advised idiot son that bribing an official in France is a serious matter. He said, "The French have always liked a bung, that's how the Channel Tunnel got made."

Tue Jun 30 2020 open all

6/30/2020, 7:42:04 PM

I don't know who originally did the 'shop, but it's ON POINT, y'all.

6/30/2020, 12:43:42 PM

This research is really fascinating and advances our understanding of how #COVID19 invades our cells and bodies. Electron microscopy is really really mind blowing!!! #SciComm

6/30/2020, 11:03:40 AM

Oh my god

6/30/2020, 3:38:06 AM

Any time you hear "the economy" replace it with "the current distribution of wealth" to see what's really being said. Example: "higher taxes would be bad for <the current distribution of wealth>"

Mon Jun 29 2020 open all

6/29/2020, 11:33:26 PM

The English language is so crazy! I’m working on a list of words with silent K’s: • One Silent K — “Knot” • Two Silent K’s — “Knuckle • Three Silent K’s — “Republican-Led Senate” • Four Silent K’s — “Knickknack”

Sun Jun 28 2020 open all

6/28/2020, 11:20:11 PM

This reddit post and the underlying Security Whitepaper... really annoy me... The information in them is not totally wrong, but are nowhere near what they are claiming. So, I ran the TikTok APKs they tested through JADX, downloaded the app on my phones, and set up Fidder...

6/28/2020, 4:49:38 AM

Learned a very relatable term today: “報復性熬夜” (revenge bedtime procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who don’t have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late night hours.

Sat Jun 27 2020 open all

6/27/2020, 5:33:03 PM

LinkedIn’s Achilles heel is scale In periods of job uncertainty, a broad network is less effective than a trusted community Vertical networks are built for community and contribution

Fri Jun 26 2020 open all

6/26/2020, 1:23:31 PM

my boyfriend trying to be supportive

6/26/2020, 12:35:26 PM

@assaf hope you’re already got this queued for the next weekend reading

6/26/2020, 1:06:09 AM

It's only Cancel Culture if it originates in the Cancelle region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling consequences.

6/26/2020, 12:40:44 AM

webmd is for new, inexperienced, and fake hypochondriacs. veteran players hangout on the mayo clinic website.

Thu Jun 25 2020 open all

6/25/2020, 11:52:16 AM

Oh you like brutalism? Name 3 concrete examples

6/25/2020, 11:05:03 AM

most catastrophic failure of predidential leadership since buchanan

6/25/2020, 2:25:10 AM

Finally, insomnia explained.

Wed Jun 24 2020 open all

6/24/2020, 1:22:12 PM

this will haunt me for years

Tue Jun 23 2020 open all

6/23/2020, 2:12:55 PM

Some weeks it's like Monday is a "Practice Monday" and Tuesday is the real Monday.

6/23/2020, 11:32:37 AM

toxic ex here 👇

6/23/2020, 7:00:00 AM

TIL CSS "background-repeat: round" ~ repeats background images without clipping ✂️

Mon Jun 22 2020 open all

6/22/2020, 6:14:37 PM

Someone recently told me that “difficult to work with” often really means “difficult to take advantage of” in creative industries, and I haven’t stopped thinking about that for weeks

6/22/2020, 10:05:04 AM

I think we need to stop calling it 'working from home' and start calling it 'living at work'

Sun Jun 21 2020 open all

6/21/2020, 11:51:46 PM

A doctor told me today that object permanence plays a big part into ADHD, and absolutely affects you when you become an adult. I was resistant to the idea, and she just started calling me out.

6/21/2020, 12:08:08 PM

The interesting thing about this TikTok teens story is how coverage is universally positive even though it’s about an algorithm driven social media site driving political events in the U.S.

Sat Jun 20 2020 open all

6/20/2020, 1:39:30 PM

I am going to distill these research findings into a set of concrete recommendations that are guaranteed to ensure that you, a tenure-track faculty member, can finally get strong student evaluations:

Fri Jun 19 2020 open all

6/19/2020, 9:56:12 PM

Face Depixelizer Given a low-resolution input image, model generates high-resolution images that are perceptually realistic and downscale correctly. 😺GitHub: 📙Colab: P.S. Colab is based on the

6/19/2020, 10:37:05 AM

yeah fuck those stringy bits man

Thu Jun 18 2020 open all

6/18/2020, 3:53:35 PM

In giving business advice to founders, I'm skeptical of my ability to change people's views. I now settle for priming them to discover an idea themselves.

6/18/2020, 2:54:33 PM

I believe middle managers should be held accountable for the effect their management has on the business, whether it's lost potential of employees who are mismanaged, wasted hours on unnecessary meetings, etc. So much responsibility and so little accountability

6/18/2020, 2:24:55 PM

Wed Jun 17 2020 open all

6/17/2020, 11:10:49 AM

Things I learned this morning: 1) check your code 2) avoid triple nested loops 3) have #coffee first 4) I should have done 1-3 in reverse order

6/17/2020, 10:12:02 AM

Anyone else do DDD? Domain Driven Development Buy the domain, develop around it 🤣

Tue Jun 16 2020 open all

6/16/2020, 9:58:22 PM

@jeanqasaur It's a little more random/fun, but I really like @assaf 's weekly emails. (As someone who transitioned into full-time frontend dev a few months ago, I'd love to hear what else is out there though.)

6/16/2020, 9:11:54 PM

While we’re giving history lessons, never forget that The recipe for Jack Daniels was created by Nathaniel “Nearest” Green, a slave. And Jack Daniels lies about the history for 150 yrs. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is available just shout everywhere folks.

6/16/2020, 12:10:00 AM

"What if you could measure product/market fit? Because if you could measure product/market fit, then maybe you could optimize it. And then maybe you could systematically increase product/market fit until you achieved it." - Rahul Vohra, CEO Superhuman

Mon Jun 15 2020 open all

6/15/2020, 12:14:00 AM

About is a website for developers who have little to no artistic talent. It is a collection of tools for making websites look good without much hassle without complex design software. A collection of tools for developers who have little to no artistic talent. Join the movement #nodesigndev.

Sun Jun 14 2020 open all

6/14/2020, 1:44:59 AM

Subscribe to Assaf's Weekend Reading

Fri Jun 12 2020 open all

6/12/2020, 11:10:02 PM

Scania’s driverless truck looks 500 times cooler than the cybertruck

6/12/2020, 1:51:14 PM

It’s the year 2071. The faculty meeting is about to start. First, everyone in the conference room does the ceremonial call and response: “can you hear me?” “we can hear you now.” No one knows the origin of this ritual.

6/12/2020, 12:22:02 PM

Just in case you needed a little chuckle: Animals with misleading names. Source:

Thu Jun 11 2020 open all

6/11/2020, 8:00:37 PM

Showing the client the Proof of Concept:

6/11/2020, 4:51:35 PM

Who's using @figmadesign for specs, documentation, etc — not just design? Would love to see examples.

6/11/2020, 1:53:14 PM

For the obvious reasons, the United States Secret Service prefers the acronym "USSS"

6/11/2020, 10:21:50 AM

Who needs a green screen when you’ve got an entire green(ish) lawn?

6/11/2020, 3:24:28 AM

East Coast protestors: “Let’s deface and destroy the statues of racists and colonizers!” San Francisco: “agreed but we gotta work with what we’ve got”

Wed Jun 10 2020 open all

6/10/2020, 12:19:25 PM

Sometimes you just want to say to a customer service agent "Just share your screen and I'll do it myself"... #sigh

6/10/2020, 12:10:27 PM

New in today's Upshot, we contextualize the large shift in voters' attitudes about Black Lives Matter. In the span of a couple weeks, support changed almost as much as it had in the previous two years. (With @Nate_Cohn)

6/10/2020, 11:15:44 AM

this is pretty incredible. usually takes years or decades for this magnitude of change. a shift in public opinion is only the beginning but without it everything else is that much harder, sometimes impossible

6/10/2020, 9:26:38 AM

Corvids, a group of birds that include jays, ravens, and crows, spend a lot of time under their parents' tutelage. Researchers have found that this may partially explain corvids have exceptional intelligence [paper:]

Tue Jun 09 2020 open all

6/9/2020, 7:06:54 PM

What idiot called it "growth hacking" and not "being an insufferable spammer destroying high value channels like email for the rest of us because of some stupid playbook you read"?

Wed Jun 03 2020 open all

6/3/2020, 11:31:00 PM


6/3/2020, 6:38:00 PM

Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.